High-Rise Condos Equals High Quality Living

panorama-towers-exteriorAs America continues to recover from the turbulence subjected to the housing market, a trend has developed. More and more home buyers, reluctant to purchase traditional single family homes, are choosing instead to invest in condominiums, specifically the high-rise condos capable of offering a standard of living unparalleled in the conventional home combined with the very best of views according to Maple Ridge Realtor, Justin Hennessey (click here for realtors Maple Ridge). Las Vegas offers a selection of high-rise condo communities that rival New York or Los Angeles, but unlike those two cities, Las Vegas provides an iconic vibrancy found nowhere else. Luxury and opulence currently dictate the market as amenities are ever exceeding themselves and high-quality features such as Italian Marble, handcrafted cabinetry, and personalized floor plans are the norm. Proximity to T-Mobile Arena, possibly the future home of the Las Vegas Raiders, has created new interest in Las Vegas as the city continues to progress away from a mostly entertainment based locale towards a flourishing and diverse metropolis. Location, luxurious amenities, and fantastic dollar -to- square foot value have many experts agreeing that it’s a ‘buyer’s market’.

If you are in Las Vegas, or looking to relocate there, be sure to take a look at our guide to purchasing high rise condos.